Our Services

We work with the world’s largest shipping companies to assist passage through Egypt, and are licensed to operate on all Egyptian ports.

Our specialist Suez Canal transit services include:

  • Calculation of Suez Canal tolls
  • Request for rebate
  • Transit with Special and Project Cargo
  • Provision of updated information and Navigation Circulars
  • Assistance to owners and masters with required certificates and documentation for smooth, uninterrupted passage
  • 24/7 support in case of emergencies, prior to and during transit
  • Supply of vessels with fresh water bunkers and provisions if required
  • Facilitation of crew changes
  • Delivery of spare parts and documents
  • Provision of medical treatment for crew members upon request
  • Delivery of CTM (Cash To Master)

Capable & competent

Cargo operations

Handling of all types of cargo including:

  • Heavy lift
  • project cargo
  • chemical
  • bulk goods etc.
    Capacity to carry out cargo operations at anchorage area
    Operation at all major Egyptian ports
  • We serve in all Egyptian ports

Safe & secure

Security team assistance

Liaison and assistance with security team at airport Coordination of embark/disembark for security team Handling of weapons and equipment

Protective agent

Liaison with all concerned parties in case of collisions, running aground, sustained injuries, damage to vessels / cargo etc.

Trusted & reliable

Owners / husbandry services
  • Arrangement of crew changes at all major Egyptian ports where required
  • Delivery of CTM - new, clean bank notes
  • Forwarding of documents
  • Forwarding of spares